30th Barronette Ice Fishing

Ice fishing. Yes, that rugged sport that requires fortitude (and a lot of hand and feet warmers) is what  I personally believe to be the true test of your northern Wisconsin chops. I have lived here for over 20 years now, worked for the DNR doing winter creel survey and work for a devotee of the sport, but I will freely admit that I STILL don’t get it. I will once again state that ice fishing is not really my thing.  
For the most part, “ice fishing” to me means reaching into a freezer case at the grocery store for a package of fish fillets.  The patience required for fishing in general, coupled with being cold, makes me not particularly well suited for the sport. There are those, however,  who have taken this activity to an art form.  For such individuals,  the fine folks in Barronett have hosted an annual Ice Fishing Contest on Shallow Lake on the third Saturday in January for the last 30 years.   You can join them this year on Saturday, January 21st, starting at 10 am. This stalwart group of lunatics,  I mean enthusiasts,  have been doing their most to show off the best of this hallowed tradition. The competition offers cash prizes for the Largest game fish and pan fish (1st & 2nd Place) and $100 for the largest northern, $100 for the largest bass and $50 for the largest panfish.  The ladies of Barronett make sure that there is plenty of good food on hand.
There are door prizes on the lake as well.  The organizers remind participants that vehicle drive on is totally dependant on ice conditions on the day of the event. When the “on ice” action is over, everyone is welcome to the Barronett Community Center for a “Souper Supper,” meat raffles, games, A a Major Cash Raffle(prizes $250, $125 and $50), and an indoor ice fishing contest.  The evening tops off with the Barronett “Ice Mavens” crowing the new Ice King and Queen. Every year they amp up the action, you never know what they have in store for your entertainment!    Even if you are like me and don’t fully understand the lure of ice fishing (pun intended!), come on out and join in the fun anyway. I bet there will be plenty of people on Shallow Lake who would be happy to enlighten you.


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