Ahnikas’ Vision Treatment Recovery

Ahnika Leonhardt

Deb and Ahnika Leonhardt returned home from Berlin in April and had Ahnika’s first eye appointment on Thursday, May 25th in the United States to see exactly what improvements were made. Ahnika’s Vision change in her left eye was improved from 20/150  to 20/100; her right eye was determined to be about the same. Ahnika’s Ophthalmologist was very impressed, as he figured she would have been more deteriorated in both eyes and asked when we are going back, as this treatment was successful
We will have another follow-up appointment in October, 2017. Her vision hopefully will continue to improve during this time. If her vision does continue to improve the Doctor in Berlin wants us to come back in six to 12 months, as he can perform this treatment again, and even regain more of her vision! This is all very exciting for us, as we are seeing the changes in her every day.
Again, Thank you all for your prayers, support and donations to make this possible. We are blessed to be in such a wonderful community. Blessings to you all.


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