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Terry Lundmark (left) Owner of Lundmark Campers on Hwy. 63, and longtime co-worker and sister-in-law Peg Lundmark (right) want to say thanks and goodbye to their customers. Lundmark Campers is closing its doors after over 45 years in Cumberland. Wisco RV & Marine have taken over the business as of August 1st.
by Hope Lee Vicich
An ancient Greek philosopher once said “The only constant is change.” It seems to me that Cumberland has taken that as their motto recently.  I say this because, once again, a longtime Cumberland “constant” is about to change.
For the last 35 years, the first thing people traveling North on Hwy 63 would see to let them know they have arrived in Cumberland was the Lundmark Camper store. However, as of Friday, July 27th, Terry Lundmark has sold the business and moved on to a well deserved retirement.
Actually, Lundmark Campers has been an area institution since 1972 when Terry’s parents Lee and Ann Lundmark, started selling Rolite Trailers (which were made in Grantsburg) on the family farm in McKinley. Then Rolite went out of business and they added Newa trailers from Kansas.  Then Newa closed and they kept adding new brands. Finally, in 1983 the business was doing well enough they decided to open the shop on Hwy 48/63 and there they have been ever since.
Terry has been selling campers for the family business since the farm in 1972.  Then around 25 years ago, Terry’s mom wanted to phase out of the day-to-day and Terry’s sister-in-law (“Everyone thinks we’re married!”), Peg Lundmark, started to phase in.  Peg says the timing was perfect since her kids were all in school.
But now, Terry says “It’s time to move on.  I want to do some fun stuff while my health is still good. I’ll be 66 next month!”  For Terry, selling was the only way he was going to get to retire.  The kids are all grown and moved away and there was no one to take over the business.  
So Terry ran an ad putting Lundmark’s up for sale. Enter Brian Thompson and Aaron Simonis of Wisco RV & Marine, who have purchased the business.  They will be adding boat repair sales and service to the business.  Wisco will open August 1st.  They will still be able to offer the same great service as always, because Lundmark’s mechanic, Joe Elmquist, will be staying on under the new management.  Also, Terry says he will be “hanging around” to help the guys “get the swing of things.”
Wondering if the break in last the Spring had anything to do with the decision to sell, Terry said that “no, that was in the works long before that.  Besides, that’s not the first time we’ve been burgled!  Four or five times we’ve been hit.  Lost trailers and campers.  Got most of them back but there may be one or two still missing!”
I asked Terry and Peg what their plans were for retirement. Terry says he has hunting on his mind, including a planned Elk hunting trip to British Columbia in the Fall.  He also wants to spend more time traveling with his wife Dona, who retired from nursing in January but still works part time at the Vet clinic.
Peg plans on gardening,   doing crafts and spoiling the grandkids. She also said she will now get to see what “life on the other side of the counter is like”  since she and hubby Tim have just bought a camper of their own.
What will the pair miss? Both answered “Most of the customers. Lots of good friendships over the years.”  When asked what won’t be missed,  they quickly responded, laughing,  “Some of the customers!”
“Seriously, though, I loved the fact that it was always something different everyday. But,” Terry told me, “I won’t miss having to wake up every morning to go to work - especially on Saturdays! I missed a lot as the kids were growing up because of one day weekends.”
Peg piped up with “Yeah, but it was also a great excuse to get out of going to things you didn’t want to!”
Terry and Peg wanted to be sure to thank all their customers and the community for all their support throughout the years.
Good luck Terry and Peg! May you find clear skies and open road where ever that road may take you.


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