For what it's worth

BY Craig Bucher
Wow!  What a Sunday of football.  I sat, in my chair, glued to the television set watching a master, at his craft, cut up the Dallas Cowboys.  I don’t care if you are a Packer fan or not, the ability of Aaron Rogers was of the highest level.  He willed the Packers to victory.  It was a thrilling game and for me, the best effort by a quarterback that I have ever seen.  The guy can do it all. Look out Atlanta, Rogers is hot and rolling.  The other game was also excellent.  The Steelers just seem to find a way to win.  Year after year, the Steelers are in the hunt and they will bring it all to the Patriots next week. These should be interesting and exciting games to watch. I have my seat reserved and I’ll bet you do as well.
On Friday, we will witness the ascendency of Donald Trump to the presidency and the exit of President Obama.  Only time will allow us to examine the presidency of Donald Trump and history  will pass  final judgement on the presidency of Barack Obama. I believe history  will look kindly on the eight years of the Obama presidency. For me, Obama filled the office with grace and elegance.  He was a quiet steady hand at the helm. His family brought, to the office, a wonderful model of the American ideal family. I believe Mrs. Obama has left a high mark for First Ladies to follow.  President Obama closed his farewell address with the words all Americans should believe - “We can.”  Yes, “we can” do anything if we work hard enough and believe. “Thank you President Obama.”


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