For What It's Worth

Spring is in the air!  Yep! I think “Old Man Winter” has retreated to the north land and we can look forward to some sun, blue skies and warmer weather.  This past week, Sharon and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood and into a small area park.  Along with the nice weather, is the evidence of vandalism and littering.  Two things that I just don’t understand. Graffiti on buildings and litter all over the ground.  One does not have to walk very far to come across the efforts of some budding artist using a fence or a wall as a canvas.  You can’t miss the evidence of our throw-away society as discarded fast food beverage containers are thrown near the paths of the small Lake George Park that we walk through.  About the one thing I know, for certain, about graffiti or litter is that is learned or rather unlearned behavior.  I stood in my front  yard, one day last week, when a passing car disgorged the contents of a bag of food wrappers. That young lady, driving the car, didn’t learn that it is wrong to litter. Somewhere there is a disconnect between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behavior. Society should not function as that young ladies maid.  There was a clip on television that showed a man, with a long handled brush, washing off the side of his building.  The clip said the man has to scrub the side wall of his building a couple of times each year to get rid of the graffiti.  That is just plain wrong.  Somewhere there are parents who allow this kind of behavior. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful country and I hope that we can all condemn this kind of behavior.  Resolve to teach our children that responsibility to act correctly is everybody’s job. Green grass is much prettier than an empty crushed beverage cup and a clean wall sure beats a foul remark drawn on the side of a building.
P.S. Have a quiet and blessed Easter..


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