For What It's Worth

By Craig Bucher

As readers of this column know, I am an unabashed lover of the newspaper.  This love of mine has been a lifelong passion.  There is little about the newspaper that I don’t like.  From the daily paper to the weekly paper, I delight in reading them all.  I truly enjoy the comic pages.  Everyone has favorites and on the top of the list, for me, is “Pickles.”  I’ll admit that “Pickles” is a strip that appeals to those of my age.  On Sunday, for example, grandma asks grandson Nelson, to get the orange juice out of the  refrigerator.  Nelson opens the door, where the orange juice is front and center.  He tells grandma he can’t find it.  Grandma gets the orange juice and says - “I swear, male refrigerator blindness kicks in at a very young age.” I suspect teenagers won’t find that very funny and  that is ok.  Those of us who have lived a long period in the holy state of matrimony, however, will have lived through this experience multiple times. I also enjoy reading “Zits,” where the two writers poke fun of the teen years.  In the Sunday strip, the writers show a vacuum cleaner that rebels when pushed to clean a teenagers bedroom.  All those mothers who have lived through teen years can relate to that cartoon idea.  Finally, it is hard to find better political satire than in  the long running “Doonesbury.”  Garry Trudeau is right on money year after year.  Back in the Vietnam era, Trudeau penned a great character, the North Vietnamese Ambassador.  My oldest son loved the character so much, that he named our dog after him - Phred.  There are many other comic strips I read and enjoy and I hope there are many strips you enjoy.  It is good to laugh.  It is a great section of the newspaper that gives us a look at the lighter side of life.


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