For What It's Worth

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By Craig Bucher
Quite a week we just went through.  Natural disasters, mass shootings, and the continuing political controversies, capped off with a senior senator, comparing the West Wing to a “adult day care center.”  Wow, what times we live in.  The mess left by the  hurricanes most worries me.  We just can’t leave our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico out in the cold. I agree with the experts who say that we need a Marshall Plan to rebuild the island.  We have both a legal and a moral responsibility to take action and to take action quickly. I hope this is one area that our dysfunctional federal government can agree to help and to help at all possible speed. We rebuilt Europe so we should be able to rebuild Puerto Rico. The mass terror, that fell on Las Vegas is still being investigated and we may never know what caused this deranged man to launch a one man war on innocent people.  Guess what!  We are not going to be able to prevent this type of tragedy.  Lone, mentally ill individuals will be able to wreak havoc on us no matter how hard we try to prevent their actions. We may prevent some attacks, but not all. That is part of the price we pay for living in a free society. The political show continues unabated as each day rolls out some new outrage.  I don’t know if it is  “adult day care,” but it is certainly a federal government that is functioning at a “pre-school level.” This also, we can’t seem to fix. It appears we will have to just wait until 2018 and 2020. The “Ship of State” will creak and groan, but I believe will survive, even this President.
P.S. Lena says - A woman can wear the fanciest clothes, go to the beauty shop every week, and put on all the make-up in the world but it still won’t fool a flight of stairs!!! 


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