For What It's Worth February 16

This past week I read no less than three articles concerning women in public offices.  All of the articles, have come on the heals of the protests being held in countless cities throughout the country.  The protests, however, I don’t believe, are much different than the “Tea Party” protests held after Barack Obama was elected in 2008. Now the Tea Party has made a lasting effect on American politics, while it remains to be seen if the latest round of protests will have any lasting impact on the national political scene. The most important part, of all the articles, it seems to me, is the information coming out of Emily’s List. Emily’s List is a national liberal woman’s organization that was founded, in 1985, by Ellen R. Malcolm in her basement. The name is an acronym for “Early Money is Like Yeast” it makes the “dough” rise.  

This year, after the election, the phones at Emily’s List have been ringing off the hook, with women seeking information on how to run for office. I am  really pleased. Now I know that Emily’s List is a Democratic organization, but I am equally pleased when I see female Republican candidates.  I think the country will be better served by a greater number of women candidates.  Far too long our politics have ruled by the old white boys club. I would love to see my daughter run for office.  She is a successful business women, married, a college graduate, is well informed and speaks clearly in front of an audience,  As a candidate, she would have much to offer.  There are countless other well qualified women, both Republican and Democrats who, if they are willing to serve, will make America better. Come on ladies, get involved. I hope I live to see many more women in elective offices.

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! P.S. Two old guys were sitting outside on a bench. Ole said - “I’m 85 years old and just full of aches and pains.  How do you feel?” Nat replied - “I feel just like a new born baby.” “Really” asked Ole! “Like a new born baby?”  “Yep” said Nat. “No hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my pants.”


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